Slow Show EP

So, we had actually originally recorded eight songs, which means there were four more waiting to be released. Now they are public!
“Slow Show EP” is, as the name suggest, the slower and more introspective twin brother of “Selfie Show EP”. Cities, stories and words of wisdom scattered through four new songs.
“Shores of Barcelona”, a reworked version of the original opening track from “The Last Pacifist” and a consideration about art, music and emotions in the Catalan capital, is an example of how a punk song can become so so sad. “Budapest” is where you will hear the synth most, whereas the two Sicilian closing tracks, “Stidda” and “Niscivi a mizzanotti”, just keep the point straight and firm on the real goal of this release: a showcase of Angelo Romano’s deeper moments as a musician in contrast to the faster indie punk-folk parts.
The Band:
– Angelo Romano: acoustic guitar, lead vocals, synthesizers, effects, electric guitar, backing vocals
– María Borrell: cello
– Francesco Brughi: electric bass
Additional artists:
– Maria Lebedeva: electric piano
– Davy Lyons: guest whistling on “Shores of Barcelona”
Produced by Angelo Romano.
Recorded by Mariano Toledano at Akrasonic Productions, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat.
Mixed by Angelo Romano. Mixing assistance by Paolo Licari.
Mastered by Giuliano “Gius” Cobelli at Taak Studio, Barcelona.
Original illustration by Elisabet Solé Roca.

An official video for the song “Budapest”, filmed by Oliver Hasse and produced by Angelo Romano himself, is also available on the social media (YouTube, Facebook):

Yours truly, Angelo