“The Last Pacifist”: new album out now


Buongiorno everybody! So I am extremely happy to announce the official release of my new album “THE LAST PACIFIST”. You can find it from now on on Soundcloud and Bandcamp as usual!

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/angeloromano/sets/the-last-pacifist
Bandcamp: https://angeloromano.bandcamp.com/album/the-last-pacifist

With special thanks to everyone who collaborated on it, and most importantly Laura Sánchez who played cello on all songs and Clio Squadroni (http://www.cliosquadroni.com) who took all the pictures for the album.

Physical copies of the album will be available during the Winter Tour 2016 to be held in January and February around Europe (reaching Poland, Germany, France and Spain), or by sending a message through my Facebook page http://facebook.com/aromano.music.