Updates from March 2018

I don’t always post on my Website, but when I do, I have a good reason.

So, 2018 has started with a blast. We had a few shows in February in Barcelona as a trio formation (Maria Borrell on cello, Francesco Brughi on electric bass/ukulele) and in the final one we had, we showed a glimpse of the next evolution. I have decided to get away from the unplugged mode once again and put a synth into my songs. So now I am officially a synth player too 🙂

(oh yes, I have Instagram too. By the way, you can follow me… 😉

Under this new formation and setup, we will have two more shows and record new material. I have already been to the studio here in Catalunya to do some of the dirty work; it will not be published as a new album, but in a more freestyle approach you will witness from my Facebook page updates in the next few weeks.

About shows: on Saturday 13 April my friend The Night Gardener from Berlin will play here in Barcelona, and I am glad to share one of the nights with him at the Sinestesia in Sants, Later on 14 May, we will instead host a audiovisual night event together with Davy Lyons and movie director Marco Prato – yes, the one from the music video, as the excuse is actually to promote the official video for Na cusciuliata pû mari. This will happen at Espai Niu, in the lovely neighbourhood of Poblenou (and I don’t say that because that is where I live, it is actually so!). Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/969901016516327/

There will also be more news coming, but for those, you need to wait. We are working hard to make more things happen, because I truly believe in what I am doing, and motivation is the main driving force to reach your goals and getting your voice heard 🙂 And as I say in a new song I just recorded: “I wish I were you, without the need to think of myself”. Or maybe not, at least not in this case… Cheers!